Sunday, April 1, 2007

Another Nightmare

I'm visiting my parents in VA for what was supposed to be a day trip. Actually, I was there to hang out with my friends Mo and RoniVJ. During this time I'm in my childhood bedroom. My parents long since painted the lavendar room creamy white and took up the purple carpet. In the dream it was still lavendar and purple. And the wall by the fire place had cracked from one side to the other. Now we had problems like this as a kid because the walls are plaster - you patch them up and keep going. But this crack had pushed the wall back about an inch.

At some point in this dream my parents decide to go see my sister in GA. I go too. My parents bought a new great big - bigger than any SUV seen yet - and my father was very proud of this heap of metal too. Out of nowhere appears my sister while we are pulling off. She opens the door to get in but the truck is still moving. He's yelling at her to run and jump in like they did in the ad he saw for the truck. Mama is screaming for him to stop acting like an ass and let her in. I'm half out the truck with a strap around me trying to reach for her. Picture a helicopter rescue with a guy on that bar reaching for somebody. My sister is running full speed in a pink velour jogging suit, some matching shox, and this large carry all bag which was really pretty. I've never seen her so determined in all her life. I tell Dad that he wouldn't be doing this if it was me. He said, "No, it wouldn't be as fun if it were you cause you'd stop running if you'd run at all." Finally my sister stops running after Dad reaches a speed she can't keep up with. Mind you we're driving along a big strip with major shopping centers. He decides to turn around after Mama threatens to jump out the truck.

Now instead of him going into a shopping center to turn around, he decides to do drive up this concrete wall about a foot high. Mama's reading the manual to see how high this thing could climb and it can climb at least 2 feet. He's gunning it up this little wall and it becomes this staircase with a metal rail that leads to the side of a building. He sees this other truck - same kind - coming down a similar set a steps and that encourages him to keep climbing. The steps were too narrow even after pressing a button to make the sideview mirrors fold flat. We are stuck. He then tries to go back down the steps.

I don't know how but the whole dayum SUV tips over front over rear, ejecting my father, comes apart and the hood and engine land on him. My mother can't get out. I have to unstrap myself to get to my phone and call 911. For some reason, my phone is unable to dail 911 - I kept pressing the right keys but other numbers would come up. I then use the voice function to call 911. My father is pinned under a bunch of metal and isn't responding. A dispatcher takes my call and I'm trying to tell her where I am, but I don't know because I've never been that area. I just give her landmarks. She asks me what happened and I tell her and she says, "I'm sorry ma'am but we're not going to send anyone." I yell over the phone that he's trapped and to please send a fire truck and ambulance. She says she's not doing it and hangs up.

That's how the dream ended. I've blogged about other dreams if you care to read about my dreams killing off my sister and my locks.

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