Sunday, April 1, 2007

I Love Music

Any kind of music. If you have your sound on - you can hear it. I was in the process of pimping my myspace and decided to put the music on here too. After going through a lot of my favorite rap songs that I thought were clean - no sex, no whores, no killing, no kilos and pounds of weed, no cussing anybody out - there's always The word. Gosh and I really like Snoop Dogg's Crazy he's got Nate Dogg on there singing his heart of as usual.

All the music should feel good - it sure makes me feel good. The George Michael's One More Try might be a little out of place - but it is a good song - that's for Zeal along with the book I'm writing. Some songs you may know, some you might not know. They're all cute.

Feel So Good - This is one of Pop's favorite jazz songs. He loves Herbie Hancock's Watermelon man, anything by Miles Davis, and Quincy Jones. I forgot Barry White. I couldn't find Look At Her. I did a short story with that song as an inspiration.

Strawberry Letter 23 that's for Michael Stone who was the love of my life and he never knew it. He was tall, light, thin, and went into the Marines or Air Force. If you know him tell him I love him. If he's married - you don't know who I IS.

For my sister - Double Dutch and Tom Tom. And I can't stand Mary J, sorry Mother. So, for you, all the songs by the cute men and men with nice bodies. - John Legend, LL, Usher, and Gerald.

Get Me Bodied - My name is not Carmen - Carmen is my Beyonce self. Carmen would love to dance to this song with Shawn Jay of Field Mob. He's the lighter brother of the duo if you happen to know the group. OMG, I just googled him up and he just got arrested too for carrying a concealed weapon. He has no bail. His next court date isn't till 4/9 and can only have 1 visit for 2 hours each week.

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