Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Parents, The Bathroom, My Toy

If toys for adults bother you, then skip to the second paragraph. I think my mom saw one of my toys. I forgot it was in the bathroom drawer. When I saw it I immediatedly closed the drawer and looked at her eyes. Her eyes were down like they were looking at my toy. But, she didn't respond with wide eyes or questions. I'll just block the whole incident and pretend like it never happened.

We were in the bathroom to fix it up with some yellow. I got some yellow bordered, little tin trays (6 for $1 at the yard sale) and hung them up on the walls, then filled some yellow hand painted glasses (4-$2) with clear beads and put some artificial flowers in two of them and cotton balls in the others. One round tapered clear vase has various yellow beads and a large candle. Then the one my dad created is a rectangular vase with various blue beads. He was in charge of cutting the bouquet of flowers into smaller sections which left a few stems. He put them in his vase. After coiling one stem and bending a few they actually look cute. Somewhere in there we had dinner and went to Sam's which doesn't take Visa.

Today was the first day my parents saw my hair. My dad didn't say anything and my mom loved it. My aunt saw it too and she wants some too. And I washed my hair again today.

This is the reason I can't buy a camera.

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