Saturday, March 24, 2007

Canine Companions and Sisterlockers

After visiting several albums, I've noticed that a lot of us have dogs. Here's Ciara Leigh. She's a hyper yet friendly pitbull and devil mix. Ciara is 40lbs and 16 months old. The last pic is Ciara and Denise, her best friend. See those nice shutters in the background, she's has one that she loves to scratch. I was trying to sand it down, but the sandpaper buffer - well, she liked that too. Those nice pillows - they are in the closet and only tossed on the couch when company comes over. That comforter even though it was cheap - is at some landfill now. The nice couch - no holes praise God - but sometimes I wonder if she licks it because - eww.

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