Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Distorted Letters and Alice in Wonderland

After commenting on several blogs and given a second series of sercurity letters to attempt - more than I'm willing to share, I wanted to know if anyone else gets the letters wrong. From my understanding these codes are to prevent spam, but why are the letters disorted so much that you have to guess. One code has a series of rmnrmlm. I almost had anxiety, like something was at stake, over which ones were m's and n's. Needless to say I got that one - WRONG. The letters were just too close and distored. One day I'm going to click the handicap icon and see what that's all about.

I wanted to read Alice in Wonderland again as an adult. This was promted by seeing a Disney ad of Beyonce as Alice. I've heard the story was a drug induced halucination. I also read many years ago, teenage years in an adult magazine that some references were sexual. All this in a childrens book, I have to see for myself. I came across the book in Michael's after spotting some other children's books and thought, "I wonder if they have Alice." After going through the display - there was my book.

Up to now I'm in the rabbit hole and an itty bitty Alice was talking to a rat and some birds who were swimming in her tears from when she was a giant. I don't even remember this part. So far this chapter seems a bit redundant with her going back and forth from being little and big. I probably skipped it as a child.


sunsail said...

Well, this was one of the stories that my parental units never let me read as a child. Don't know why... I think it does have something to do with the state of intoxication that the authors were under when they wrote it!! :)

Those letters are really annoying, but spam in your blog is worse...

Carmen In NC said...

In one scene a catapillar is smoking a hookah - water pipe - bong. Both my parents were teachers - my mom an English - so I know she knew what was going on in that book. As a kid I didn't know what a hookah/water pipe was, I just knew he was smoking a pipe and my father smoked a pipe in my ealier years. I will report more.

n'Drea said...

Hi. Love your blog. You're so candid. It's really refreshing...and funny! Love the pics of your locs, and oh, how I almost forgot - the dogs. (Yeh man, mi a dog lova to. lol).
Anyway, thanks for your compliment on my blog.