Friday, July 19, 2013

Questions and Update

Andrea: "Hey lady...question since we're on the same path of weight what made you start to lose? What do you eat now in your journey? I know you hit the gym daily right? Girl, when do you have time to workout? Lol. You look great. I need to post a new pic of me.
Oh yeah, are you just trying to get to a new size or just lose and see what happens?"

I want to start off by saying I care about my weight, but I don't care.  The scale does not move for me and it is clearly the devil.  I've lost 25 since January. That's 28 weeks, so I'm losing less than the suggested 1-2 pounds a week.  With that said, I don't care what the scale says.  This journey is for health.  It's for my foot.  I want to wear the cute clothes and not frumpy fat people outfits.  When I look in the mirror with my lover, I want to feel nasty, not look nasty.   Yes, I went there, my blog.  I've looked at photos that people have taken of me and seeing myself looking like Miss Piggy is not how I want to appear.  Miss Piggy is pretty, but no.  Even my mother is smaller than I am.   So, to sum up my reason for starting this path is my foot and my image.  I want to be able to strut my stuff and look marvelous!!!  

What am I eating?  Everything that I wasn't eating before.  I used to be a fast food junkie.  You could bleed me for sweet tea, butter, and syrup.  Every meal was fat upon carb upon fat.  In the morning I would eat a chicken biscuit, fries, and sweet tea.  Lunch and dinner was fast food combo.  Now, I’m making smoothies, eating salads, and picking better food choices.  I still eat out, but I go to places that have a wait staff and more than fries and combos.  Eating at cafes and sit-down restaurants make me slow down and take my time eating.  I am able to get a better variety of food.  Most places that I dine do not include the drink in the meal and frankly, I’m not spending $2 on a drink that’s not good for me in the first place.  I get water!  Also, being a frugal person, I thoroughly take advantage of drinking water at work.  I have recently started the drink every time you use the restroom challenge.  My personal promise to myself is to drink water before having coffee in the same amount.

I know you hit the gym daily, right? No! Mentally, physically, and emotionally I have not been able to workout every day.  That’s too much like work and for me that is a total turn off.  I have to hurry up and lose weight by September 16th.  That means that I have to immediately change everything I’m doing.  Cold turkey? I’m good.  I don’t even want to have sex every day and I really like that. I try my best to keep on task with it, but sometimes I’m ripping and running or working long hours and I don’t go.  I currently work all three shifts and it changes each week, Monday-Friday.  Sometimes I have to work twelve hours and on those day, I might go but most likely not. 

When do I have time to workout?
I really haven’t had a time that there wasn’t time to workout.  I’m single with no children; I have no set schedule once I’m off of work.  Lately, I don’t even turn on the computer once I do get home unless it’s for my business.  I don’t watch TV.  Therefore during the week, minus work and sleeping, I have six hours of free time.  I go whenever.  Since I’m on a different shift each week, I go either right after work or at least two hours before work.  First shift is a little easier for me to go whenever after work.  I tend to go with my homegirl.  Saturday and Sundays are totally free unless I’m with my parents. Those two days I really push myself to go because that will give me a rest day during the week if I have a goal to go so many days during the week.

You look great…and I thank you so much!!! Thank you! Here is the pic that I posted.  I didn’t think anyone would be paying attention so I didn’t lighten the right side photo until now. I wish I would have been looking up.  I took this pic before going out to send to a friend to make sure I looked ok.

Oh yeah are you just trying to get to a new size, or just lose and see what happens?  Earlier I stated that I want to look good in my clothes.  My health other than BMI and my foot are just fine.  Believe it or not, I'm still in the same clothes that I was in when I started.  Twenty-pounds should have been two dress sizes.  Was it just that my clothes were that tight?  I do have a pair of skinny jeans that are way too baggy and that’s it.  The difference is I'm not struggling to get into them. I look better in my clothes.  I don’t have to put my jeans on low heat or air dry them.  I don’t have the muffin top.  I'm a size 18.  I have zipped and buttoned size 16 clothes, but I look like I'm about to pop.  So until I can truly wear a 16 I’m not buying that.  I have plenty of 16s in my closet because that is the size I was wearing after college. I want to fit those clothes.  I don’t know smaller than that.  So, I guess I will have to wait and see what happens.

Thank you so much asking and for your patience while I collected the answers. 


Andrea Warren said...

I'm so excited you used me as a blog rock!.
Wait you don't want sex as much?..what's the world coming too? Lol.

Naturally Sophia said...

I am TTTTTTTHHHHHHIIIIIIIIISSSSSS happy for & proud of you!

NubianLockedPrincess said...

You look great! Congrats!

Kreyola said...

You are looking great! Nice job on the weight loss!!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you the best in your journey. Congrats on your weight loss. Will you be sharing any updates on this and your local journey?

God bless