Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sweating My Hair Out

I felt so empowered in my first animal print.
Hello! I have been asked to blog again. What do I have to talk about?  Plenty. I am on a weight loss journey, healthy life style living, whatever you call it all sums up to I'm tired of being fat and I'm tired of hurting.  My health across the board is lovely, but the fat is wearing my feet and joints down.  I'm tired of looking like lumpy butter in a dress, limping lumpy butter at that.

I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot along with heel spurs.  It hurts, like walking on a board with nails in it each step.  I know how that feels because I’ve stepped on a nail before. That hurts!  That first step is enough to make me cry.  Strolling through the mall, NO!  Walking to the back of Wal-Marks, NO!  Walking at a normal pace, NO!  Unfortunately, my mother has it too and she's shared her experiences with me.  All the exercises, stretching, boots, rolling with ice are just temporary, even the cortisone shot didn't completely relieve me.  

The shot did make it bearable for me to get my fat ass up and get to moving.  I took my health for granted and I can't anymore. Since going to the gym there have been days when I want to cut my foot off.  My toes go numb in that foot.  I have to slow it down and modify exercises.  People say walk, I can't, seriously.  I don't let those things discourage me.  I found a few things I'm good at, such as the Arc (elliptical, stepper type machine). I beast that thing out! 

From time to time I will take a class.  I hated kick boxing with a passion.  I just stood there are one point and I haven't been back since.  Water aerobics is great, but if you've been following me you know about my hairy legs.  Once I get all the hair removed, I'll go back. I did not like aqua Zumba.  Zumba is ok, but it would be great if I knew the steps.  I can always booty pop and twerk until I learn the other moves.  Spinning is nice.  The majority of the time is spent sitting down which is great on my foot and I know the moves. Stand up, sit down! 

Then once I'm done with that there's the strength training.  Once this fat melts away, my cut arms and abs are going to look so beautiful. 

So far I've lost 22 pounds. 

That ain't water! That's Zumba!


Chocolata said...

Hey Lady! I'm glad you're back blogging. Congratulations on "releasing" the weight. I'm on the same journey and it's tough, but I'll never quit. A good friend of mine told me to stop saying I was trying to lose weight, because when we lose something, We tend to want to look for and recover it. Once you willingly release something, it's gone without the expectation of it coming back. So release, release, release! Looking good!

Carmennc said...

Hello Chocolata! Thanks for reading! I'm proud of you for taking on the releasing of weight. I surely am not trying to find what I've released, weight be gone and I'm ready to release more. I like that outlook.

Keianna J said...

CONGRATULATION! This wonderful. I have been watching you for a while on FB. Truly an inspiration.

Carmennc said...

Keianna J, thank you so much! You're trying to make me cry. I've been inspired by many, but to be an inspiration is new to me. I'll keep going then!

Anonymous said...

Hello hello hello.......loved following your hair blog....gonna love following this blog.....I don't have any of the profile options listed so i chose "anonymous" but its Brenda......Congrats on ur first animal print....LQQKING good. ;)

Carmennc said...

Hey Brenda! HEY! HEY! HEY! Well, you know I'm random one post about hair and ten on off the wall topics. The animal print, lol. My workout partner gave those to me and I was so excited about wearing them. I felt fabulous and now I'm looking for more crazy tights and jeans to cut up.

Cheleski aka KnottyAuthor Kicken The Truth said...

congrats Carmy!!!! You are looking great!