Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What Have I Been Doing?

I've been MIA?

Social Networking:
Twitter sounds more like crickets from my end than a chipper, churping birdie.  Facebook has been getting a little love, but I've been less active with that.  Pinterest is my newest friend.  I skipped from Twitter, to trying out tumbler, to falling into addiction with Pinterest.  The beautiful thing is there's no conversation.  Not many people are on it, yet.  There's pictures of food with links to recipes, baby animals and humans doing cute things, fashion, beauty, make-up, fantasy boyfriends, and yes, products that people promote.  Pinterest is easy!  Get invited, sign-up, and download the toolbar icon thing and get to pinning.  If you would like to know more about this magically little picture site please google it or visit its dot com.  And if you would like to see all of my fantasy boyfriends, cuteness, and products I like, then check me out at Tomoka's Twists on Pinterest.

Delayed Shipping:
The orders aren't going out as fast as they used too.  I know and I feel some kind of way about it too.  I have a job again which puts the total number of jobs held by me at this time to three.  For the past few weeks, I get off work and do hair or do hair then go to work.  Then I'll do orders somewhere in between.  What I didn't realize is I have way more many clients than I thought.  Therefore, I have enough and will not be accepting anymore clients.  Good Hair will be back as soon as my supplier has free s/h or some kind of discount.  I know that's a shame, but if I save, you save!

The Job:
I love it.  It's such a small little company, under 40 people employed, and everyone is so friendly.  KUM BA YAH!  We have lunch parties for no reason. EATING!  I work in a lab all by myself, testing chemicals.  It's not hard, yet has it's responsibilities like any job.  BALLING! The catch. Yes there's a catching to BALLING and EATING!  I'm on a rotating shift which means I work one week of 1st, 2nd, and then 3rd.  The last week of the month might be first shift.  Most of the time Monday-Friday and usually 8 hours a day. It's tricky.  Another good thing is I make two turns out of my house and I'm at work in 12 minutes.  CRUISING

My Hair:
Sometimes I want to cut it all off.  Other times I want to curl it.  But at all times, I don't want to retighten my own hair.  I have about 200 locks left after the cutting off many in the nape area.  They were bunched up, crazy, and personally, I felt as if the hair there did not want to lock up.  The good news is I haven't cut if off and it is still GROWING!

New Items:
I have so many new beads and so little time.  I would like for somebody to just take all off my clients off my hands and off my right heel that's been killing me for about a month now.  The good news is that there is a lady not far from me who is a trainee and she'll be able to take on hundreds of clients. The topic was New Items.  I'll be listing new items in the near future!

What Else is New:
I have a new man friend! My mom taught me how to knit.  That's some hard, the devil is a liar, palms all sweaty, nerve racking mess.  Learn how to knit.  But wait, then you have to learn how to pearl.  Then drop a damn stitch.  Let the whole needle fall out your hand and all the stitches drop.  $500 for a dishcloth. If somebody gives you a knit something, be very thankful.  Frame it.  I would not knit anything for a baby unless it's my own or the parents sign a legal agreement that they will have professional photographs of said baby in said knitted item.  With that said I am glad that I learned how to knit. It was a great bonding moment with my mom. So far I've made a dishcloth, one fingerless glove and working on the second one.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're alive and well sista-friend. ~BlessedGem

Carmennc said...

Hey BlessedGem! I'm so glad you left a comment. I am alive and well and pray you are doing great too.

new2locs said...

OMG You're experience with knitting is hilarious!!!! Love it!! I have yet to check out Pinterest. I think I have enough obsessions so I probably shouldn't even bother since it would take away from my time knitting. LOL

Carmennc said...

New2locs, you'll become addicted like most. I'm sure there are people on there with posting pictures of knitted items and patterns right now. I'm going to look.

rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued) said...

Glad you are doing well. I love pinterest I'll follow you and my name is rmcandlelight on Pinterest.

My SL are almost 5 years old and I'm still having problem with one little lock that just won't lock and keeps unravelling. I too sometimes think about cutting them off but it's the easiest hairstyle to have. :)

Robyn said...

The social media is very addicting!
It can also be a distraction from IRL issues. I try to balance my time online with reality.
I am looking forward to the Natural Hair Show in Atlanta next weekend. Maybe I'll see you there?
Take Care~

patri said...

congrats on the new job.

learning to knit was checked off my bucket list. i know How to do, i just choose not to. *~*

still enjoying my twist and hair tie, and waiting patiently for the new items. love your work. nothing like it on the market.