Friday, January 6, 2012

Time, She's Leaving, Envy

She's Leaving!
When clients move, I get a little misty eyed.  Yes, I'm emotional.  Zo has been my client since her install in April 2010.  My 13th install client!

As I was doing her hair, I wished mine looked like hers.  I always wish my Sisterlocks looked like my clients.  There's something unique about each person's hair that makes me want mine just like that.  It can be the size, length, cut, style, color, bounce, smoothness, or texture that brings that ooh la la feeling over me.

Looking at the journey over photos is the best way to see progress.  Sisterlocks are instantly rewarding because it doesn't take long to see magic. The thickness comes in after shampooing a few times.  They maintain the length as it grows so it seems like they grow an inch overnight.

Zo, I wish you a happy journey up north! 

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motiv8ed4trubeauty said...

Wow look at her growth! I am not a loctician but I can see where you are coming from. My sisterlock install was August 2009 and my hair isn't 1/2 as long as hers. Her locks are lovely. You have done an awesome job maintaining her hair.