Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tumblr Anyone? Did I Make That Right?

I forgot who to told me about tumblr. I remember it was a message on facebook. I just looked and it was @MelzieC on facebook who is also on twitter. Mmmhmm. I signed up for tumblr when it first started out and just now posting to it. What is it like? It's like a really thoughtful twitter app with photos and videos showing up in the time line, meaning no clicking on links. It's like facebook without the games and junk? It's like blogs but with more interaction. It's the bomb!

Catch me on there!

If you don't catch me, then here is my first post. 'Did I Make That Right?'

When I haven’t made something in a while, I forget how to make it. This used to bother me because I designed the item. But when I pick up the supplies, more than likely if I forget, I’ll come up with something different. It is better or worse than the first design? I would say the designs are interchangeable. In my faqs I do state that I am an artist and sometimes my creativity comes out differently. Yet, in order to keep customers happy with the item they see on the website, I do refer back to the photo. I’d rather play it safe, than mix up the beads in an order that the buyer may not like. So, I’m looking to see if I made this hair tie the right way. For those of you curious, I did make it the right way, but these beads are flat compared to being oval puffs.

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