Thursday, May 7, 2009

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While I was at work, having one of the worst Sprint and PayPal day in the history of me fooling with them, I tried to stay upbeat by reminding myself it could be worse. This too shall hurry up and pass and leave me alone! Don't sweat the small stuff and keep it moving and all of that good motivational jargon. On the up and up, I'll be out of my until death do us part contract with Sprint sometime in the year 2010. After that phone call, I'm left with two phone lines less and a new phone number I called my four friends and gave them the number. PayPal and I do not have the best relationship, but this time I found out that it truly was my fault. I'm only human.

Moving right along, I'm on Twitter and I get this tweet...

@Sabrina97: OMG! @carmennc, have you seen this?

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