Monday, February 9, 2009

Got Your Covered with Virtuous Creations

I received a question concerning hats, locks, and lint from Miss Jacque'

Comments: I love the site and your hair. Question, I always see loc wearers in crochet or other knit hats how do they protect their hair from the lint that comes from them?

Hello Jacque,
Thank you for compliments and asking such a good question. For crochet/knit and any hat without a lining it best to put a silk/nylon scarf under it. Natural fibers, animal fur, and 'linty' yarns compete with the hair for moisture and oils along with leaving lint in the hair.

I do wear black crochet/knit hats with a tight spun yarn and pattern. Those do not leave as much lint and when they do, it blends in with my hair. Alot of women wear head wraps using non-linting materials. I wear the stretchy dreadlock caps.

I recently purchased a cap from Virtuous Creations and these are very silky and stretchy.

Here are a few other sites that have the stretchy lock head gear.

I personally like the headbands because my hair isn't long enough to fill up the caps just yet.

I hope that answers your question!

The black and white floral print hat is by Virtuous Creations who I have raved about on the yahoo groups LockItUp & Lovinlocs. I figured should grab this one before it was gone! VC also sells lock jewelry, hairbands, and fleece hats with matching scarves.

If all else fails with the lint grab a Sharpie!


BlessedGemLady said...

You got that pretty black & white one that you wanted -- it looks bee-u-tiful on you. Kudos to Virtuous Creations too!

Queen Nat said...

I like that one on you ~ beautiful!

Carmennc said...

Blessed, you have a good memory. I've been watching that hat and telling about VC, so I decided I should grab it up before somebody else did. I'm glad I got it!

Queen Nat, thank you so much. She has a good eye for pretty prints.

Lisa @ Serah's said...

I have a hat from VirtuousCreations also and I just love it!