Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dell is Sick - Hair Suffering

Well, my new Dell is sick. It had a human caused accident. The screen was working just fine but the keyboard was stuck. I took the battery out since Dell wouldn't power down. There's no reset button. After taking the battery out, it was dead to the world. Good thing I got the insurance to fix anything for free for up to 3 years. I took it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy and they have to send Dell out. How am I online? Dell Sr. still works like a charm. My new Dell will be out for up to two weeks. I hope it's ok. They might have to replace the hard-drive or mother-board. Sad times.

My hair had a huge set-back. I shampood it. This isn't a new thing with my hair. I think this time around I'm was expecting too much from it. The medium locks either slip or come completely aloose. Slippage on them ranges from a pinky tip - two fingers in the space. One has a huge gap in the middle. A few of them used get gaps in them in very beginning. Having just one to fix is a good thing. I believe the only reason it didn't unravel completely is because the hair got tangled as it slipped out. This is perfect, maybe when I repair that lock, it won't slip out again. All in all, slippage, gaps, completely aloose - it still looks beautiful.


N'Drea ~ the Storyteller said...

Sorry you're having hair woes. Please explain about the slippage. I'm a bit confused. I assume you're banding and braiding.

CarmenNC said...

N'drea - yes I've been braiding and banding. My hair laughs at my attempts. I have been cheating and using a clarify shampoo - Suave. It's worse, better, than the SL starter shampoo. My hair feels as crunchy as they did after the install when I use Suave. Blah. I don't think I'm getting them as tight as I do my clients. I'll figure it out.