Saturday, October 11, 2008

Client, Client & Client

Miss Red's locks were not installed by me, but I have been retightening her hair for a while. Miss Red made some of the best candy apples. I haven't had a candy apple that good since I was in pre-school. Now I'm wondering if my sweet tooth is what did in my broken tooth. NO. LOL. Miss Red works at a bank and is also a nail specialist. Thank you for your tips!

Remember my neighbor? He's been enjoying the freedom of interlocking his new-growth. It doesn't itch, he can shampoo immediately, and swim with no worries of unraveling. YEAH. I really like the fact that he does not mind letting me try out my products on his hair. This is Rebecca's Twist and is available on The color of these jasper stone beads is really incredible - the flash just makes them look white.
Anonymous wanted to see close-ups of Miss M's silver/grey hair. She loves fashion accessories and styling her hair - so this is truly not representive of what I've seen. I'm sure I'll be posting more pictures of Miss M. This is right after her install. I forgot to mention in the first post of Miss M that I'm using pattern double 3.


Ayanna~The Product Mixtress said...

Thanks for checking out the blog! I love to give support whenever I can. I appreciate the returned love. I will definitely add your blog to the roll. I didn't know you did sisterlocks too! You go 'head. I will get some Tomoka's Twist soon.

CarmenNC said...

Ayanna, it's all hobbies. If I wasn't doing Sisterlocks, I'd be crocheting dog outfits. If I wasn't doing Tomoka's Twists, I'd probably have a bunch of men that wouldn't add up to one.