Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where Do I Get My Beads & Wire

There are just many things that I do not share. These are the behind the scence things that go on.

Hi my name is Jane Doe.
I was looking at you site and I saw all the twists. They are so pretty. I see that you have wires is different colors. Where did you get them? Are all your beads from X. I plan to buy one or more of your twists for me and my sister-in-law. We both have locs and I know she would love them.

My response:

Hello Jane,
Thank you for visiting Tomoka's Twists website and for your compliments as well. Why do you want to know where I get the beads and wire?
Thank you, Carmen of Tomoka's Twists
Now I could have said, I can't tell you. Or that the information is privy to my business. I always laugh my ass off when people ask me these types of questions. And it's always from the ones who absolutely LOVE them and PLAN or IS GETTING one. It never fails, when I tell them I cannot tell them, I don't EVER hear from them. Nothing, crickets. So this time, I just wanted to know why she wanted to know where I got my beads and wire from. Not that I'm on Kimora"s or Martha's levels but often when I have to make a decision I ask myself what would Kimora say? What would Oprah and Martha decide?
Anyone interested in wigs for babies?


N'Drea ~ the Storyteller said...

Your question is valid. Could it be that Miss Jane Doe is interested for her personal business purposes? Frankly, if I'm going to buy your twists, I'm not really interested in where you got the wires. And I think most folks would probably feel the same way too. Ah, but I'm just being a cynic.

*>Jewels<* said...

I feel you, Carmen. Your Twists are very unique and you don't need anyone trying to duplicate. Right now your genius should remain to only you. That's right, keep your secrets so I can see you in O magazine and say "She had a blog once!!" :)

CarmenNC said...

N'drea - You, me and everyone else who I've shared that email with are like she's going to make them. So be it. Just don't ask me to do all the work for you. I spend a lot of time searching for beads. These people who want to know exactly where I get my supplies might as well ask me to send them a few for free. I do all the research, work, and not get paid for it. If I send a link of the dozens of shops I've bought from, I might as well charge a finders fee. The majority of the time when I go back to buy more beads from a seller - they don't have them. So I have to search for them again. When I did the Royal Moore set back in January, it took about six months for me to find those beads again. SIX MONTHS. When the beads - I buy them ALL. So if I tell them where I get them, the beads won't be there. Once they come back into stock, that person might get to them before I do and buy them all. So I've shot myself in the foot. The S. Luxurious has four types of beads - I get them from four different places - the wire another place. Five places. Is somebody going to go to all those stores just to make ONE? It'll be cheaper just to buy a few from me. Save your gas, time, and money on s/h.

Jewels - Thank you so much. It means a great deal to have you comment because your jewelry is HOT. I want that copper set!!! I don't like when people ride my back about products, but when are you going to set up some paypal buttons so I can steal your pictures to post about your jewelry?

*>Jewels<* said...

That's a good question. I was thinking about setting up an Etsy store. I really need to JUST DO IT.