Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mineral Make Up - For Women of Color

Hello Ladies,
I would like to share with you a wonderful make-up called Valana Minerals. It's a mineral powder foundation for the many tones to match the beautiful shades of women of color. Also Valana Minerals has creamy rich lipsticks and all the things to get dolled up. Once you're done checking out Valana Minerals, please visit our Sisterlock sister Kecia for a limited time discount code. Samples are available to help you pick out the best shade for you.

Have you tried VM, yet?


blackrussian said...

Thanks for this. I've tried the others and they'll do, but even the 'deep' colors are often simply dark and rarely reflect the true range of red-browns or gold-browns and other undertones found among women of color.

CarmenNC said...

blackrussian, You are most welcome. I hope it works for you.

Naturally KiKi said...

I've tried Valana Minerals and I absolutely love the make-up! I had been using Bare Minerals(Essentuals) off and on for several months. I have a darker skin tone and I found Bare Minerals did not fully blend in with my skin. The first time I tried Valana Minerals, I was impressed by how well it blended with my skin. I highly recommend the product!!!