Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Can Teach You...

Carmen? How come the sistas that do sister-locs, won't show another how to do them? You {know} some of us can't afford them. I want them but at this time can't afford to get them started. I just want to learn to do them on my own..for my own hair.


My response: I've had a client to ask me that. It's a hard business to start up because a lot of ladies are still relaxed and if they are natural they don't want locks. Also, the class is expensive along with all the supplies needed to run it nicely.

To show somebody to do it, after paying a gang of money to run a business, is not a good business move. It's like a car mechanic showing a customer everything about a car. It's just a protective thing.

Some consultants will teach clients if they bring in a nappylocks tool. But like Kelis, they can teach you, but they have to charge.

Also, I've seen ladies who's hair has been jacked up by people who think they know how to do them or took the re-tightening classes. People will bamboozle others out of their money and we don't want that kind of reputation.

It gets back to home office because people talk. If I show one person, they'll tell their friends - Carmen is so nice, she will teach you how to do it. She charges $50. Next thing I know somebody will call on me and my name is taken off the list of SL trainees/consultants. Me showing a few women how to do it, would cost me a grip of money in the long run.

Take care,


Meikmeika said...

Definitely understandable.

CarmenNC said...

thanks meikmeika, sometimes i feel like i'm might be too dramatic at times - over analyzing

cheleski said...

this is good. and so true.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you put that out there carmen. people kill me always saying, "it's too expensive. can you show me how to do them? can you sell me the tool?" my answer is always, "NO! this is how i make my living. why would i show you how to do sisterlocks/brotherlocks for little to no money when i paid $1000 (now $1500) to learn & perfect my craft? why would i jeopardize my certification, good standing & recognition by the home office to teach you something that i am not certified by the home office to teach? that's taking money out of my pocket. it took years for me to build up my clientele, but you have the nerve to want in for free. if you really want to learn the craft, register for the next nearest class being offered and pay the $1500 like so many others had to pay." that usually ends that request. i've had to restart so many "step sisterlocks" because people want them, but don't want to pay for them. installing sisterlocks/brotherlocks is a tedious, intricate, time consuming process and for that, you have to pay. the initial cost for the installation of sisterlocks can be expensive, starting anywhere from $300 - $1000+ depending on several factors which include the person's hair + which region of the country you live in. it's a good idea to meet with several consultants to get a true sense of who's real & who's bogus. consultants are not all created equal & you'll be able to tell which ones can produce the desired look after you've done your research & know what questions to ask during your consultation. after the initial installation cost, sisterlocks really are cost effective saving the wearer lots of money.