Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nappy Hair Site Closed Tomoka's Twists Topic

This happened back in June. I started the post and couldn't finish it. So I'll try one more time.

Through I saw that there was a lot of activity from a particular hair site. I checked it out and a young lady had started a topic about TTs. At this time she had just ordered and wanted to know if anyone else had heard about them. Well, others shared their experiences.

The thread was closed, Nobody could reply to the topic. It was under review. Maybe it's under review because they don't know where to put the thread because there's never been a hair accessory thread as the such. And, closed topics always get more views because people are curious to why the thread got closed.

UPDATE: I sent a dispute through paypal to get my money back. It's like a Jerry Springer show on that board. Now the whole post is deleted. Hateration is alive.

UPDATE: I got my money back and I no longer visit that site.

What bothers me about the site is that companies that do not support the site can have thread after thread posted about them with no problems that I faced. If you do not beg and plead members to love you and ask for their approval, you're pretty much out of luck. They will click on your thread and never leave a comment. Then some members just go into the vip forum and talk cash money stuff about you. I have absolutely no time for that kind of garbage.

I had been a member there for several years, posted often, subscribed, and advertised there as well. At a point I thought that I really needed that site to have sells. After all they are the natural hair site that everybody knows. It's been a few months after that whole fiasco happened, and I've learned that I don't need that site to sell items. No one can hustle, fight, or love for me better than I do, will, and can.

Before that post, a lot of ladies were saying that they couldn't wear headbands, but wanted to find one that would work. I offered to send Tomoka's Twists to anyone who wanted one. The SILVER one at that. Not just some cheap ass funky beads - the SILVER ones. Two people took me up on my offer. I'm sitting there making them, like wow, I can't even give them away.

Back to the thread that was deleted. A few of the well known napp personalities Newmoe and EmpressRi gave me huge shout outs in the thread. This is a month after the give away offer.

I saw a few of your posts and I have been to your website more than a few times. I have eyed your headband for a while, however, I question if they would work in my hair. My locs are no where yet mature and have yet to get their volume, it looks like your headbands will have the same problem I have with every head band I try which is slipping off all day. In one of your posts you offered to send one out for free- I was wondering if that was for anyone or just the person you were referencing in the post. If you wouldn’t mind sending me one at no charge, if it works, I will surly buy more, if not I can send it back if you like. I am not picky, you can send whichever one you prefer or have extras of ( just please none with words, due to restrictions at my job). I thank you in advance and wish you a blessed day!
Hello K,
Thank you so much for visiting my website and your interest in Tomoka's Twists. I am not able to offer any free Tomoka's Twists. If you would like to purchase one and it does not work for you, you can return it and I will gladly refund you for your purchase.

When you are the only employee you have of crafts you make, sometimes comments and ill treatment will make you want to hang it up and say blank this blank, I'm done. I felt as if she was saying, you're stuff ain't no better than the rest of the crap I've tried. She's questioning if my product will work. If you wouldn't mind - as if I am obligated to send her one. You say 'if you don't mind' to your boyfriend when he's got his feet propped up on the coffee table and you're trying to get by. Can you move your legs, IF YOU DON'T MIND. She ain't picky, but did let me know which ones she didn't want - just please don't send them damn ones with words, I'm professional. She's already planning on wearing it to work - yet she's not sure if the headband will work.
The very next day after my reply to this young lady - the post was deleted.
Sometimes I think, is this a good business move. Should I share that much with people? What would Oprah, Martha, and Kimora do. Posted a long time ago about it and


Anonymous said...

Interesting.... I haven't been on nappturality for some time.

Naturally Free said...

Mistakes are inevitable in running a business, the important thing is that you fixed it! That speaks volumes. Keep doing your thing, girl.

aybee77 said...

Yeah, I haven't been on that site since June/July. I was there since the site started. I like the ideals of that site, and the site owner, but due to some other things that have happened on there, I felt like it was time for me to move on.

CarmenNC said...

I enjoyed the site, but it was not productive in the long run. It became a social hang out instead of an educational forum. In the end I learned that all those products were not needed. There are more positive boards with mature members on the internet now.

cheleski said...

ah, hugs to you. i was wondering why you disappeared. ive just been lurking. i've lost the zen, ya know? im on the hunt for some of your work, so look for an order soon!

CarmenNC said...

Thank you so much, I've found many other sites, bloggers, and groups that have given me so much support that it's all good.

Fuchsia said...

I still love NP and Dee and all but sometimes im just taken aback at some folks tudes about sisterlocks. Lucky for them i dont give a and will keep on pushing. But i wondered what the heck was goin on when i tried to link your blog cause a lady is lookin for a consult and it changed carment to noname! How freakin sad!

Sonya said...

I knew exactly what site you were talkin about. I've been on NP a little over a year & I really don't comment much. I'll read a lil bit & mosey on along. It sometimes just seems really high school to me. There are so many cliques on NP & just about every thread ends in an argument, soooo, if I'm bored, I stop in, but that's not really often at all. And just as soon as I get a lil cheddar, I will be placing my order!