Friday, August 1, 2008

Who's That Lady - France

Thank you so much for these twists!! They are absolutely beautiful. I wore my hair on top of my head with braids in a puff with my twists...just took the braids out and now have an Afro with my twist...I have gotten soooo many compliments. Will be wearing my twists to death once I get my sisterlocks!!! Sincerely Miss F

Meet Miss F, she'll be getting Sisterlocks in the near future. She's wearing Goldie Locks. Thank you Miss F for the kind words and this fabulous picture.

I've sold to Middlesex, London, and some places in the UK that I have never heard of before. And today I have received my first order from Paris, France. How cool is that?

What a grand day I'm having. When I finally get done with the 10 hours at work (it's all over-time so don't feel bad for me), and get done doing a retightening tomorrow, I'm celebrating!


Naturally Free said...

Girl, TT's are international, show out God!

CarmenNC said...

I know that's right.