Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Why haven't yall told me about this??? Shame on you! is a site where you can watch tv episodes and movies. I'm breaking from watching The PJ's.

2. download foxfire as your browser. Now I used to didn't know what a browser was. It's what you use to search the net. Like Internet Explorer and Netscape. If you have IE - STC hates it and the videos won't play
3. download a gang of adobe stuff. I think I did shockwave and flash and make sure it really installs. That's what I was doing wrong. I thought the program was installed but it was just qued up to install. Vista is crazy.

After you do all of that, you can watch everything!!!


Rchgrl1 said...

Oh yeah that site is the bomb! I've gotten thru alot of work days with it.

Thanks for the incouraging words on my slippage. I have to really undergo alot of patience. I looking forward to being like you when I grow up..fabulous matured locs. LOL!

Meikmeika said...

How long does it usually take for a movie or tv show to download for viewing? I went to the site, wanting to watch the last episode of 'So You Think You Can Dance' and it was still loading after 10 mins...

If I can actually view some of the shows offered I will be so excited!!! Thanks for this!!

Oh! I also have Vista.

CarmenNC said...

l watched oz and the pjs with no download wait or wait. it was almost instant. i am glad to share it with you. i hope it was just that show.

rchgrl my hair hasnt matured yet. do not be fooled by the frizz. thank you for the love. back at you.