Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Miss T & Length

Miss T is my first installation client. The is her eighth month. She wants her Sisterlocks fuller. I retightened her hair using a rare pattern. Hopefully it will come out fuller and as pretty as Blenna says it is. I've never seen the pattern so this will be interesting.

Is your hair so curly that you can't see your length? Yes it is Leightred

I'm not concerned about length. My hair grows fasts and I turn into Edward Sissorhands when it comes to cutting my hair. I grow hair like nobody's business. Remember the many posts on hair removal. Short mention - if you ever use Ideal Image - email me for my real name PLEASE. I love them - check out my face. I don't get my moustach done because it wasn't nowhere as serious as my facial hair.

Back to the head on my hair. It slips to no end. Having to re-install and retighten all but an inch that managed to stay in is not fun at all. I just want it to LOCK.

What is fun is witnessing Miss T's growth. It started out so short at the nape that I was pinching her hair with my nails trying to make a lock. I remember twisting her hair between my thumb and index finger to mark where a look will go one day. Since she's had Sisterlocks there is hair growing where it wouldn't. That's a beautiful thing.


Jamofism said...

Wow, look at the length. When I shampoo my hair, I can see the length but when it dries it draws back up. I'm hoping the longer it gets the weight of the lock will hold it down.

S0uthernGirl said...

Wow, Miss T has already had a lot of changes in just 8 short months. And I can attest that shrinkage is a mofo!

I finally took a pic of me wearing my TT, stop by and check me out :)

CarmenNC said...

I posted a few comments about legnth after yall posted. I never thought about length - just locking.

rmcandlelight said...


I'm in the same boat as you. I just want my hair to lock. I am 9 months sisterlocked and I still have problems with my locks in the nape area and my temples come loose. My hair grows fast as well and is curly. I just want them to lock.

Rchgrl1 said...

Carmen you did a excellent job on her head. It is gorgeous.

CarmenNC said...

rmcandlelight, please share some pictures. pretty please with sugar on top. we - I - need encouragement.

rchgrl1 - thank you so much. She was my very first install. I was concerned with parting, sizing, EVERYTHING. She loves them so I'm proud and happy for her.

anthia-ofo said...

What's this rare pattern? My consultant uses 3pt to make my hair fuller. U mean there's something else? Please tell me!
Miss T's hair is lovely and full.

leightred said...

Thank you Carmen, for that insight, now I hopfully know what my hair could look like in about about 8 month. Miss T's hair look great and the earlier pics look alot like mine did at the stage, so I will try to be more patience.

CarmenNC said...

anthia-ofo - You're close, but not that one. I'll have to keep an eye on your hair to see how the pattern forms.

leightred - I'm glad that I could be of some help. Having locks does test your patience. Not knowing what your hair will do requires you to let go and be happy with whatever your hair does.