Friday, August 22, 2008

I Hated This Song

Jill Scott. When she came to me and was like, this is my first album I want you to listen to it. I listened Jill, went out and bought it in support of you. Everything was cool. You even did a little go-go for me. You knew I was missing Go-Go.

We had so much in common. We are both natural, fat, and cute as a button. We had our differences, I hate eggs, you like them with grits and toasts. It's all good. But then you started wearing them wigs. I understand, HOLLYWOOD. Fast forward. You posed nude in Allure and did not hook me up with the deal? I should have known then something was wrong. I thought with the butterfly bras you were feeling good. You said you had a new album coming out. I was busy and didn't get a chance to hear it before you released it. I dropped the ball. I was busy with Rhianna and Amy Winehouse. So when I heard My Love, my heart sank. What is this ultra pitiful - my cut buddy married somebody else song? Floored. Not another woman singing the blues over some man that left you for another women. This type of song makes me wanna scream and throw up.

Beyonce has always pulled through for me. And did not let me down in her take your ass on then, I don't need you with the To the Left song.

Recently, I started letting Rhianna into my circle of friends. Jay-Z asked me to. I told him Umbrella was a bit nerve racking. He was like - what do I have to do to make you listen to her? I went to the next subject. Finally, he spit a few lyrics on the song. After listening through 500 ella ella ella a's just to hear his rap, I found the song cute enough. I liked SOS because she used the 80s version of Tainted Love by Soft Cell which I liked anyways. Then of course I secretly liked Marylin Mason's versions too, the video was alright. It would be hot if RhiRhi and MM would do this dominatrix style on a willing fan. I would like to push the Pussy Cat Dolls down a long flight of concrete steps for their version. Gloria Jones originally recorded the song in 1964. I guess each decade has their own version. Here is the first one - the best one in my opinion.

Tangent moment...
Jill Scott and My Love. Yes, even Rhianna knows better than to cry on a track and look like the pitiful can't get a man so I'll cry about it in a song. She knew her man was sorry and got rid of him. PLEASE. Jill, he married that woman. You had 5 other men you were seeing. He took a bow and the curtain closed. Basically he freed up your time so you can focus on the one you saw at the grocery store that wanted to holla. You lost one and gained another. You're back to five menz. Now I know this is a song and sometimes songs don't really reflect what's going on with the artist. She wrote that song. This is as pitiful as Vista's Congratulations. It's like what Betty Wright's mother said, "I like the melody, but I know you not gonna sing that song." I mean sing anything over the melody. Sing about food, you've mentioned grits and two scrammbled eggs, gravy, biscuits, black-eyed peas.

My Cake - chorus hook
My cake is sweeter, lighter, moist-er
Didn't you notice
Here is a big piece

That's multi-platinum - diamond even - hollar at me girl.

So, I had to check out Jill to see how she's doing. Hoping she didn't make a video. And there it was, her crying in the video. Dammit Jill, get a hold of yourself. Get rid of that wig. If you are going to wear a wig, get one bigger than that. So, I'm still trying to help Jill and I see a live version. She got rid of the wig and is wearing a high top fade looking natural. I'm feeling better for her, no wig which she really looks uncomfortable wearing in the video since she keeps fooling with it. Now in this live - 8 minute long - version it starts off as normal but she ends with some extra love that makes me feel so much better about our relationship. Jill we are friends again.


Amina said...

I know, I always talk back to the song....

You chose her cuz she's sweet as pie, takes what you give even your lies... (who says he's lyin?)

But baby, are you happy...

Nonetheless, I guess I can identify a little....just a little, I was more mad at the pitiful celibacy song. Those of us that are celibate choose it and are happy about it; she just sounds like she's sad about not being able to get any... and it's not her choice.

I still luh her tho', that's why God made us we could blog about songs on YouTube, lol.

CarmenNC said...

amina - I didn't realize you posted a comment until now. I haven't heard the celibacy song. Even though sex is a major part of my life, I don't go around sad and depressed when Lover and I are not able to see each other. I do not understand when people choose to do something and make it sound like it's the end of the world for them. Stick to your beliefs and be proud and happy with it.