Monday, July 7, 2008

My Eyes Feel Like They are Bleeding...

...but you ain't gonna believe what I found. For the love of everything good and right, I have never wanted to shout and cuss all at the same time. I feel like Dave Chappell in Half Baked when he lucked up on pounds of that sticky icky. I feel like doing the whole Flash Dance scene with the water falling down. This feels as good as sucktash, real homemade from cornmeal - skillet cornbread with lots of farm butter and honey, and pinto beans.

Months and months I've searched the end of the world until my eyes felt like they were bleeding.

If God wills it, Royal Moor will be back.


Goodnapps said...

Girl, you must have 30 hrs in the day. Keep doing your thang honey.

Locks are looking very good!!!

Carmen said...

LoL, I wish I had 30 hours. I'm supposed to be asleep now. I messed up and turned the tv on last night for the first time in probably months. Woke up to Curious George yelling and screaming.

There's a meet and greet in Raleigh tomorrow. I was thinking about just popping up - the hell with RSVPing. Then I'm like - I'd go if somebody else was driving. And low and behold - I got an email with an offer to ride down there. How cool is that?