Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm Not Cheap

I'm not a tight wad. I'm frugal.

Well, I broke down and got a new laptop. I still ordered a battery pack for the old one because I have a buyer for that one. Since my Dell Inspiron 1100 lasted almost 4 years before needing a new hard drive and suffered through many falls from my high - gotta jump on - bed - I bought another one - Dell Inspiron 1526 in celebration of me getting hired soon on the job I've been temping. Some may say, 'you should have waited until you got hired to buy it'. Whatever, I might be dead by then. If it wasn't meant for me to have they would have never given me 2 years with no interest. BestBuy had a grand deal on laptops and this credit card with 2 years no interest. I have never experienced such a thing in my life.

Note: The link says they start off at $700+ dollars - If it did, this post wouldn't exist.

Now I can actually go on myspace/youtube and chat at the same time. How cool is that?

And my pictures don't look so bad after all.

I would like to thank Mariagnus for showing me how to hide my webcam status from mannish men wanting to see me cam. And yes, Mari, I did a wardrobe change. I refuse to look like re-fried warm dog doodoo on cam.

Dee and Lover, I promise not to return it, even after the bill comes.

Another shout out to those I entertained with a thousand questions for hours at Best Buy. I'll be back when you open cause I forgot to get the one thing I really need - a laptop desk. I have let people talk me into replacing the torn phone book and box that serve very well as a laptop desk. Right now the box that all the accessories for Dell is working out just fine.

Two years with no interests, I'll get a real desk for you.

Go away spending guilt, please go away.


knotsnlocks said...

ok, you are funny and also my shero! cause honey i am in need of a new puter too but i am too much of a spendthrift to get one! i live off the county issued laptop, which naturally, limits what all i can do. maybe i will check them out this week too

Meikmeika said...

Good For You!!!