Friday, June 6, 2008

Who's Hustling My Products?

I am seeing a lot of orders coming through. I haven't figured out who's making that happen. I stopped google adwords and all advertising with the banner. What I have been doing is networking. So, I would like to say thank you to all the ladies who are introducing Tomoka's Twists to others via word of mouth, wearing them, giving them as gifts, putting them in shops, blogging about them, and EVERYTHING. Thank you so much for your support.

I have a new group of twists coming out - Spice, Summer, and Goldie Locks II.

I also cut an hour off of Miss R's retightening time, we spent the other our playing with Phyliss the Video Loctitian's hair care products. Thank you Marianne for the swap!


muslimahlocs said...

greetings. if you ever get around to making one that fit around my hijab i look forward to buying it! all the best.

CarmenNC said...

Muslimahlocs, I make the TTs long. They fit around my head, forehead, including the ears. I have on a locpocket with one tucked underneath in this blog.

Anonymous said...

I recently order 3 twists after seeing someone's fotki album, I look forward to receiving them.


Mikosbelle said...

I ordered one twist and the matching earings. I totally fell in love. Thanks so much for making my puff to come life!! God bless, you are truly talented.

Theresa said...

I just ordered the BW Bone set. Does it come with instructions. I see someone with it on, but I don't know how it works.