Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rental Car Smells Like Sunshine

Connie and I tagged teamed my hair and retightened it to the root. Connie took me to a bead shop and I got some pink vintage lucite beads and some special vermeil beads. I will have my own goldTT.

I think the middle part is a bit hideous from a bird's eye view. The next time I will do them going straight back.

My co-workers are great. One warned me the my hair was going to fall out if I keep doing this. My African co-worker told me a secret. The African hair braiders go to school to learn how to braid - just like we go to class to learn Sisterlocks. I just thought they knew it as a tradition. Well doesn't that rental car smell like sunshine?

A month or so ago I couldn't move my tongue. Now I can do tricks with my tongue ring. I arched my eyebrows myself. They look really nice when I fill them in with brow make-up. It's 5am and I didn't think about that before taking the picture.
It's starting to lock. Not the ends are forming tight coils, instead of the loose spirals I had. Take a train to Happy Town.

I got off my manufacturing job at 1am. I came home and started on my jewelry job. I came up with three new TTs. Well one has been done before Toffee but it's redesigned and has become Toffee II. Then there is pLucite. P as in pink and Lucite as in vintage plastic.

We - Ciara, Lover, and I - are working on a name for the orange set. The bracelet unfortunately will not appear with the set. Boo. I am a self taught artist and will not read some silly manual to find out how to make bracelets. I'm using this magic stretchy string and it's like running after the Gingerbread Man. The more I knot it the more it pulls. Then I tried looping it - it came aloose too. I tried buring it and had to review my home owner's insurance. I might use wire and put a toggle on it. Making bracelets and necklaces is a bit hard. There's some rhythm to them that I haven't picked out, YET. Plus they look like Flinstone jewelry.

I am colorful.


Quietspirit said...

I love all your Tomoka Twists and the bracelet's not bad either. Do you fish? You might try fishing line for bracelets and necklaces. I bought one of the ties recently but I'm having trouble figuring it out.

CarmenNC said...

Tie the ends however long you want the elastic to be. The elastic will be doubled. The beaded ring will be in one hand, put a finger of the other hand into the loop of the elastic. Now inclose your hair by bring your hands together. Put the entire beaded ring into the loop of the elastic and it will lock into place. It work very similar to the little elastics with balls on the ends for children's ponytails.

*>Jewels<* said...

Hi Carmen! Glad to see you stopped by. I came to your blog because you have gorgeous locks, but I also noticed your Tomoka Twists are fabulous. A crafty woman myself, I am truly a fan.

Cashana said...

Girl, you make me laugh. The yellow really is colorful. I started laughing just from the title.

CarmenNC said...

cashana - i had that silly commercial on my mind all that day. they played on the radio several times and it just cracked me up for some reason. i could have just been delirous from lack of sleep. after a the third time hearing it, i'm thinking about 'rental car smells like sunshine'. who came up with that?

Naturally Free said...

The locks are looking good girl! I see you are entering the next stage of your lock journey, yay! I hate the middle part too, I always do my clients hair going to the back.

anthia said...

It's true the african braiders go to 'school'.It's more like an apprenticeship. They have to pay the 'master-braider' to be taught more skills.Price depends on how skilled or popular she is. Most students start off learning from home or doing friends hair. I sent my daughter to learn for 4mths whilst she was in Ghana.

Ofo (UK)

cheleski68 said...

oooo this is 2 cute!

Naturally Sophia said...

This is super cute and your locks look great. I love the color. I didn't notice it before now.

CarmenNC said...

Ofo - Can I you send me to braiding school? I really want to learn how to plait beacuse I would be able to start locks like that too. I practiced on Barbie - but that doesn't compare to African braiding.

Naturally free - That's the last time I do a middle part on myself or anyone else. My ladies usually like it straight back or with a short part on either side.

Cheleski68 - Thank you. I was only able to make two twists out of these beads so the other set will be offered just here.

Naturally sophia - thank you and the color is a bit darker than the picture. I was told that my camera and skills suck because the beads are much prettier in person and that I'm ruining my sells.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just met your friend Connie who talked up your TTs which are BEAUTIFUL. Connie is going to get me started in SLs and I will definitely be using your accessories. Please email me at adesetages@gmail.com and share with me your opinions about starting SLs with 1.5 inches of hair total. Will I look crazy? LOL!! Connie spoke really highly of you. I love her already, she's practically my neighbor! At any rate, best wishes for success with the TTs. They really are beautiful!!