Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Short Hair and TTs

Organik Beauty said...
Hello lady! I'm too hype that someone is endorsing Warm Spirit! I too am a Warm Spirit consultant but unfortunately my locks aren't at the stage for our hair products! Either way it's great to see you like them! BTW your hair is you have any photos with your twists for shorter hair...I'm not as creative as some but I would love to have some hair accessories! hope to chat with you soon!
Me - My hair wasn't short just a little crazy.

Do you feel like I do?


Anonymous said...

hello sister

i was looking around at the TT ahd and i saw the gold earrings. bu i dont see them for sell only in the set. i was wondering can i buy just the earrings

you sister

PM and let me know than you

muslimahlocs said...

hey, what a great picture of miss b wearing that tt!