Sunday, June 8, 2008

Anahita Oil

I have been introduced to Anahita's Oil by Marianne. Marianne knows my hair path since her hair has been through the same - unraveling, bunching, slipping, slow locking. She suggested a few products and one is a Anahita's Oil. Oil - so not good for new, unstable Sisterlocks. Since the retightening to the scalp left my scalp exposed it has been dry. It hasn't been flaking but it is dry.
During a conversation with a client I mentioned Anahita's Oil. I don't think she realized she told on herself, lol, but she told me all about it. It's light, a nickle size will do the whole scalp. I've been using it sparingly. I tested it on my crown where my hair texture is tigher. I like it. So much I'll tell others about it.
If you want to try Anahita's Oil a Warm Spirit product please contact Phyllis Garner a Warm Spirit consultant and a Sisterlock Trainee.


Katrina said...

Yes I did tell on myself but I had to be a big girl and fess up:-) This is a great product by far. A little goes a very long way. Watch some of her video's they are great and very informative -


nywele said...

what does it do?

CarmenNC said...

My scalp is usually oily, but after I my hair was retightened to the scalp - my scalp was dry. If you follow the link of Phyllis Garner, you can find out more about Anahita's oil and Warm Spirits.

CarmenNC said...

There are two Phyllis's that are Sisterlock professionals who sell Warm Spirit products. Small world isn't it.