Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dena Tyson - Author & Editor

Did I post about my harddrive dying after three or four years two days before the warranty expired. That was close. I got a new one at no charge, thank you Dell 1100 Inspiron.

I learned a valuable lesson years ago. I also saved a copy of the book and even had a hard copy, but never sent it to an email address. Shameful. Needless to say the computer died and the floppy disk or program it was on was not compatable with any computer but that one. At night at this job I would type the whole blangdasted book into Word and send it to my to myself at shift end.

Procrastinating is something else. I finally downloaded my book from an email attachment.

Dena Tyso is an author, "Give Me the Strength",and LockItUp group member. Ladies please stop by her site. If you need an inspirational book to read, got a book to write, done writing your book and still need help - she's your lady. And yes, she has a picture of her hair too. LOL.


Charity said...

Oh that was scary I am glad it happened before the warranty expired. Did you have a new warranty for the new one?

CarmenNC said...

I do not have a warranty for the new one. If this one dies then I'm getting a new laptop.

DKT said...

Carmen, God bless you sweetie... I want to thank you so very much for giving me a plug on your site. Your thoughts and kind words really meant a lot to me and I personally wanted to thank you!! (Big computer huggggs!!!) I saw your mom singing and playing and how beautiful... You tell her from me to keep on doing her thing because she did a great job. I lost my mom a few years ago, she sang too and I just really enjoyed watching the video.

You stay well and give mom a big hug for me too! I will chat with you again soon.

Dena Tyson/Author
Give Me the Strength and also Xceptance