Sunday, March 23, 2008

Second Month?

I'm going to say my set started in February 22. I can remember that maybe. I've braided and banded once. I've been using tropical Zest and the Knotty Boy bar shampoo to shampoo. I've also been rinsing my hair whenever I get bead hair or it starts to look skimpy. My ends are doing whatever they like. We (me and Connie) started at the very ends and some have coiled in the pattern and some have unraveled. Bunching is in the future. Slippage happens, but nothing like the first set. I think my hair slips less than an 1/4 inch during shampooing. When I installed I never did use the tool so my hair was never to the scalp. Connie did the back to the scalp (thank you). I retighten with my fingers too. Why? My hair is already thin and I don't want the scalp look. Cheating? Big time. Don't try this at home.
Once again I would like to thank the ladies of Raleigh's Natural Hair Meetup group for your support. Thank you Locked Beauty.


muslimahlocs said...

i would be remiss if i did not compliment you on your awesome looking eyebrows. love that arch, gf!

CarmenNC said...

you are so sweet to even mention them. i was so not liking them at first. going from inch thick to regular sized eyebrows was a big jump. i didn't even realize they made so much difference. i've been doing them myself or having the waxed for years now. then when i quit my job, i quit spending money. it really does open my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Your hair is coming along nicely. Tell me, how on earth do you re-tignten with just your fingers? I would love if you share as it saves on buying and manipulating those darn tools!

I also have thin hair and my hair has thinned out since getting sisterlocs almost 3 years ago. Any tips on styling to hold a set? Ive tried everything and it still has not body. Your tips and advice would be very welcomed.


~malaikablu~ said...

SL's are coming along nicely!

nywele said...

hello.thank you for visiting my blog. I love your locks. I was complimenting your work and your own locks..very beautiful :)

Anthea said...

You look awesome. Hooray for you and Connie!!