Saturday, December 29, 2007

Empress & Chameleon



SistaLocd said...

Okay, so I need to stop coming to your blog because I am going to end buying all the TT's, lol. I am really interested in the Chameleon but I don't see them listed in the side bar or maybe I'm just blind.
Let me know


SistaLocd said...

It's me again. I wanted to know if you have any earings for the Royal Moor and The Chameleon? If you do let me know. Okay so after that don't let me purchase any more of your products! lol

CarmenNC said...

LOL, let me see what kind of magic I can do. I'll be back.

CarmenNC said...

Royal Moor earrings - yep.
Chameleon and Empress - yep.
Earrings for Ch and E - not yet. But I have an idea. They have some round dream catchers in these colors. I have some large tear drop one like those.

brunsli said...

Let me get this straight - you made purple TT's, and they were sold before I even read about them on your blog!

I feel you on your "Bamboozled and Hoodwinked" post -- every now and then a bad apple shows up.

On a more positive note, your curls look great!

Salt-n-Pepper Diva said...

I love the "New" look of your blog and TT's and earrings! Good Job!

CarmenNC said...

Thank you salt-n-pepper diva. I'm moving the everything to a new site very soon.

CarmenNC said...

That set is still available Brunsli. I don't know how long. I'm up making sure when it's sold I can take down the button ASAP. I only made two purples - Moor and Flush. Since one Moor was sold that left only the Flush. Flush is not as popular so he became a Moor along with earrings.

It took me a several edits to get the Bamboozled post professional and upbeat. And we sigh and move on, sigh and move on.

Thank you, curls can be addictive. I curled them again, but I didn't post because I didn't want anyone thinking that I was addicted. HAHAHA. I'm thinking about rolling them now.