Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Purple & Blue

These are handmade clay beads. I have two available. Seven months Sisterlocked.


muslimahlocs said...

finally, a picture of your locks. oh, and you too. like i am one to talk @ lack of self-pictures.
so when will you lock your first client?

Carmen In NC said...

I don't know when my first client will come. The doors are open, will there be one? I washed my hair and went home to see my parents. My father asked me to grow my hair out. I think after today he now gets that these are not extensions and they don't come out. My mom said, "It is growing out. It's getting full. Don't you remember it at first?" A co-worker whose been studying my hair from the start said some are locking up really nice and then sorta turned her nose up to the ones that aren't.

n'Drea said...

Congrats. Your locks are really thickening up even more. Nice.

muslimahlocs said...

enjoy the free time now. it took me a few months to get started as well but after the first few clinets my business grew exponentially. and hopefully so will yours.
get certified as quickly as you can b/c there are just some folks who will not let a trainee touch their hair no matter how good they are (i confess that i am probably one of those people).
i saw blenna yesterday at the sisterlodge grand opening. we spoke about you. she said that you are "REALLY GOOD". that is a huge compliment! after spending four days in training with her, you know that she does not just throw out compliments just to be nice.
congratulations again and all the best with your business!

Meikmeika said...

Your locks are thickening and your hair is looking fuller..

I'm asking my brother...I mean.. boyfriend to order me some Tomoka Twists for Christmas or even better Thanksgiving..hehehehe!!! So many people say we favor even our own parents. Thankfully our Family Trees are nowhere near one another...LOL!!!

I can't wait to see pics of your first client. Your doorbell will be ringing soon!!!

Carmen In NC said...

Muslimah, that is a wonderful compliment coming from Blenna. Thank you for even mentioning me. I wish I could have been there.

Meikmeika, I don't have pictures of my first client, but I do have Leilani. And whenever you get your Tomoka's Twists they will be right on time. Thank you for the compliment too - I needed that.

Zaharah said...

Hey Carmen. I haven't been doing the blog thing much lately, so forgive me for not being up to date on things with you guys' blogs (as well as my own). I see that you've really been doing your thang with your tomoka twisties, girl! Congratulations! You're very creative and talented. I'll have to place my order as soon as I get this moving stuff out of the way and get myself settled.

dreamangel75 said...

Hello Carmen,

Your hair is coming along well! Post some more pics! :-P