Saturday, June 2, 2007

YEAH! I feel better!

Yes, I feel so much better. I did take Friday off from work and I met two guys. One I like. The other one is a minister who has R. Kelly's "Imma Flirt" as his music for you to listen to when you call him. He pulled into the parking lot when I was getting my headlight fixed at Autozone. Said I was cheating on him because I usually take the car to Precision Tune where he works. Had a girlfriend and child at the time. And then called and said I had about seven condoms in my underware drawer and most of them are from the gold box and black box. Let me go see. I got off the phone with that pervert. I couldn't deal with that.

The one I like is a wee bit younger than I am. I'm and he's 23. He's working and doing a lot better than these guys 10 years his senior. I guess he just hasn't had the time to have 2 children, 2 DUIs, 2 gun charges, 2 failure to appears, no license......

Oh yes, ladies we are no longer dating Route 66. I know how much you liked him, but we parted ways.

After condom tallying. I have a whole black box. There's a gold box with two, 2 purple ones, and one silver. So he was right about the colors, and I have 8 condoms. And just like R. Kelly he's a freaking perv.

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