Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Acne on your back = bacne. My back has become a spotted hotmess. It's like connect the dots. I even tried some Avon Bacne with salicia acid. I've been using real African black soap that really isn't black at all. That's been keeping it from itching. There are two major problem areas - right in the middle of my back near the bra strap and then between my shoulder blades. Any suggestions ladies? And there will be no pictures to show you what I'm talking about. I don't like looking at it myself. BLAH!


Ro~ said...

OMG!!!! I thought I was the only one. What is the DEAL with that?!?!? I am so fed up with this HAM (Hot Azz Mess) I don't know what to do. I'm gonna have to try the African Black Soap. However, for the scars I've been using trusty Cocoa Butter.

Carmen In NC said...

Ah ha. Another victim I see. I have a slew of shea butter in the refrigerator. Maybe I'll give that a try. I've been using a back scrubbing and a long rough-like textured clothe to wash my back. It helps with the itching. I've also changed detergents to Arm & Hammer. Gain was nice, but I think all the perfume was too much. Also, perfume - I was spraying myself left and right with splashes - I quit that too.

Meikmeika said...

You may want to see a dermatologist cause if it's an allergic reaction they can give you a prescription. Only thing is you have to find out what you're allergic to so you don't have to go back.

I know that if I shower with water that's too hot my skin gets very dry and starts breaking out.

Let me know how the Shea Butter works.

Mali said...

Hi Carmen!

Well, I was using "Neutrogena Body Clear" and it works really well. It's about $5 a bottle so it's not too much. I haven't used it in a while and my back and chest (yes, I'm double cursed...actually quadruple cursed with shoulders AND my face acne) have subsided on their own. It's still not perfectly smooth and clear, but it's not unbearable. Neutrogena Body Clear comes in the regular wash and the scrub (with granules in it) but they both contain salicylic acid.

sunsail said...

Hmm. Stress? Eczema? Folliculitis? Try Seventh Generation laundry detergent. Perhaps a topical ointment with hydrocortisone can help. It stops the itching: less itching = less grubby hands making tears in the skin, re-infecting and inflaming it. As usual, make sure you drink tons of water, and get your fish oil (omega-3). Your hair and skin will thank you!!

QueenLi said...

I logged in just to say! I am a victim of Bacne too! I believe it started when I got a large tat in the middle lower back! :(
My back was "Not" full of bacne 10 yrs. ago. I can't get rid of the tat, and I will just say no to wearing my back out! :(

Take care!

Anonymous said...

My boy just hipped me to a ebook called Get Rid of Bacne by Joey Pinkney.

Never heard of him or the ebook before then. I went to his site, read his little sales letter and I bought it.

(Not because the sales letter was fire or anything, but the info seemed worth the $7 he was charging. Not bad compared to them $50 joints I would never part bread with.)

Anyway, read it. It was good. Y'all might think about getting it. I would send y'all a copy but the first 100 copies are going for the nickel bag. ($5 for the squares out there.) So it ain't like it's going to break you, especially it you got paypal.

Holla back,

Reggie Regg

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
I developed the same problem too about 1 year and a half ago.--My situation is...when I am stressed out, I get cystic breakouts.--Truth is, I would pickat my skin too. But even if I didnt pick at my still blemished horribly on its own.
Embarrasment settled in. I tried everything i could buy from CVS, Sallys beauty supply.....etc.
All those Over the counter hydro quinone creams do not work...all those over the counter micro dermabrasions do not work either.
Soooo HERE IS WHAT WORKED FOR ME!!! I began going to a beauty spa for glycolic acid peels.
PEOPLE ITS NOT THAT EXPENSIVE!!! At least not compared to laser surgery or the diamond saw microdermabrasion.--But you'll have to go in for several treatments before you see a difference. ( I promise you..its worth it...if you have a choice between buying shoes...or getting your nails done...or getting highlights...DO YOUR BACK INSTEAD.
You'll be soooo glad you're taking care of the problem. And your self esteem will come back too.
Depending on where you go..I'd say the average price is about 95 to 120-dollars.

I also purchase glycolic acid from

They sell cosmiceutical strength glycolic acid, which means its alot stronger than over the counter stuff like neutrogena, oil of olay other words. It is genuine professional strength, for a spa.

So you should really get instructions on how to use this before you try it. They usually mail theinstructions with your purchase.
Anyway, I purchased a glycolic acid peel kit with 10% glycolic and 60% glycolic acid.
60-percent should ONLY be used once every 3 weeks, or you might scar your skin more. And, in between the deep peels ...use the 10-percent to exfoliate.

you can also buy the microdermabrasion cream to use in between your deep peels.

Again be VERY careful. Especially if you are black or have an olive complexion such as myself as I am latina.


its not that hard. just by sun screen and make sure you wear it underneath your make up.--and wear hats when you can...just to block the sun.

But it is worth looking into.

I hope this helps someone. I know what its like. Im not 100-percent out of the woods yet, but darnnit! I notice a huge difference already! And it sure brings a smile to my face.

If any of you people have health insurance...many dermatologists take insurance. They can help by giving you a true hydroquinone strength cream or some kind of retinoid.---tell tem you are going to go to get chemical peels from a beauty spa but you need to pre treat your skin before starting any peel treaments.

many will have you start off doing this because it helps slough off and lighten the skin while prepping it for the actual glycolic acid peel.

and some doctors do...glycolic peels w/ insurance.

Bye every one!!!! :-)

Proactive by the way will not help.---so get over it. All it does is temporarily bleach the lighter skin around the blemish

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you what has worked amazingly for me. I use Clean and Clear blackhead eraser daily in the shower. I rub it on my back and then get a back brush and make it really soapy with a soap that has lemon extract and essential oils in it (lemon is said to have wonderful bleaching affects on spots and freckles). I scrub my back thoroughly while the clean and clear is still on my back. When I get out of the shower I mix pure aloe vera gel and lemon juice together and spread it all over my back. I let it dry and then I spot treat with a hydroquinone cream. Yes it is tedious but I have been getting amazing results!!! I will be able to wear my back out this summer. I have tried everything before and nothing worked. I made up this remedy and my spots are fading fast. Clean and clear controls acne and keeps new pimples from forming, lemon acts as a toner as well as a lightener. The aloe vera gel is a healer of all healers and skin softener and when mixed with lemon it turns into a glycolic acid like peel. I hope that I was helpful and FYI, I am an African American woman.