Friday, May 25, 2007

Step in the Name of Love

I went to my third stepper class. And finally - I'm getting my turns right. I had my own instructor too. Yes, that's how bad off I WAS. And the ladies who signed up before me who were in my group probably didn't sign up for anymore classes. I don't know they weren't there and I was all by myself. Overall I had a very good time learning my twirls. One day I'll be good enough to dance with Mister C. Eventhough there are younger men closer to my age that are nice looking, Mister C nice looking, sexy, AND he smiles while dancing with the other ladies.

And for my so called friend who said, "You've gained a pound or two." I see why your wife left you. BOO! HISS!


n'Drea said...

A bad mind im bad mind an' grudgeful. Mek 'im gwaan. Jus' do yu ting, my girl.

Carmen In NC said...

I think I got it. LOL. But yes that man had the nerve to comment on my few extra pounds. He wish my tender juicy warm limbs were holding him at night.

Ms Stella said...

When I first read this, I thought you were talking about a gym step class. I was thinking that if you had to have your own instructor that was not a good thing :). Then I realized you were talking about stepping. I'm from So Cal
(Southern California)living in Arizona so I get a pass don't I for not knowing?