Saturday, May 5, 2007

Pets Can't Do Everything - Tupperware

I had a guinea pig, Virginia Lynette. She was a healer by nature. Guinea Pigs are known to take pain and illness from their loved ones and then carrying it to the mountain and pushing it off. Squeak as she was known would push my shoulder pains off of the couch or the table her crate was on.

Ciara sorta can do this. She's helped my hip and ease mentrual cramps. But I need her to rub my back. I really don't feel good. I have tea downstairs she could fix. Come on, I went to the store in the cold rain and got her some food which I spilled all over the floor while putting it into a big dog food tupperware container so it can stay fresh. A $15 container for fresh dog food and this dog won't even sit still enough so I can use her as a heating pad. Googling heating pads to see how much they cost. I need to call my ex to come get his dog for the summer. I need doggie support.

My co-worker from years ago asked everyone who threw away her tupperware container. Somebody asked her what color it was. She said tan/brown. Another person said they had never seen tan/brown tupperware before. She said, "I had my food in a Country Crock container, cleaned it, and put it on the counter to dry."

All plastic containers are Tupperware.

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Escoveitch said...

LOL at the country crock container!