Friday, May 4, 2007

Happy Feet - These Boots are Made for Walking

The other day I was walking with Ciara when my neighbor - not the one I've talked about before - but a new one - asked me if I wanted to go stepping. I said sure. Yesterday she came by to get me and I followed her to Renaissance Jazz Club. And I'm learning to Chicago Step or Hustle/Bump as my parents call it because it's the same thing they danced to back when I was a little kid. Everyone was black. A few folks around my age - mostly older - had more men than I thought would come to a dance class. I think it might have been about 30 or more folks. And of course I was the beginner. I've never played sports or taken dance and I'm horrible at mind over body tasks. I took a Tai Chi class in college and had to write a report because I was about to get a the only B in the class. Either I can't remember the steps or I just can't do them.

I was thinking about getting another lover in addition to the one I currently have. Wow, I need another lover like I need a hole in my head. It could be my grand adrenaline rush from last night. I'll see how I feel tomorrow. Right now I feel like throwing up.

Is Shawn Jay outta of jail yet? I'll google him.

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dreamangel75 said...

Carmen, have fun with the dance class? Your posts crack me up!