Saturday, April 14, 2007

What Degrades Me - Not Hip-Hop and Rap

I was degraded when a black actress got a leading lady award for getting buck naked on camera with a nasty looking white man - and asking him to make her feel good. Which leads me to comment that the most handsome and famous black actor didn't get a leading man award until he was a dirty cop and cheater - degrading.

I find it degrading when women parade on stage in swim suits and get their self-worth judged on beauty and average talent skills for money and recognition while Donald Trump sits back and rolls in the dough - degrading.

Any female singer that has to shake her behind in every video, especially if it's so grand that Oprah wants to learn how to do it, roll around on stage, wear outfits that are nothing but baby doll nighties and boy shorts - degrading.

I'm degraded when the same black singer consistantly puts out negative relationship songs for women to boo-hoo to and listen to while having self pity parties. Is your self-worth based on a man and every time one hurts you you have to cry about it? Thank goodness she has no more drama in her life.

Which brings me to the next young lady. I was horribly degraded when an American idol glorified being a baby mama and told everyone it was ok to be a baby mama. For the single mothers - there is 'Thanks for My Child'. And most of the songs from that baby mama album - pity party songs about not being wanted by some man. That's degrading.


muslimahlocs said...

true. true. true. true. and even more true.

Carmen In NC said...

I know most of my opinions aren't popular at all. But if you look at how we portray ourselves and it could be intentional or not but the people that I talk about are not out there saying 'n' and 'b' but they are sending the same type of self-worthlessness messages to people. Thank you!

Zaharah said...

Great points Carmen. I must agree. We definitely have to take responsibility for our part in this as women. If we are going out and supporting/purchasing the music of the female artists who take us backward a few decades by presenting themselves as media meat, then we are no less guilty than the rappers who call us b's and hoes, or Mr. Imus, for that matter.

Anonymous said...

u r such a fuckin hater...u sound stupid.....cuz i bet if u were goin out or sumthin u would be the one wearin those same tight dont hate its alright if u cant be like the rest of them....lmao