Saturday, April 14, 2007

Birthday Cake Ice Cream - My Cycle

After discovering that my period came on - the pills work. They really do work. I wanted some more ice cream. I remembered getting a postcard in the mail for a free single waffle cone from Brusters. I searched high and low for it and I found it in the second drawer of my nightstand. That's my safe spot for stuff. I went and ordered the Cake Batter Ice Cream, but they didn't have it, but the guy suggested that I would like the Birthday Cake Ice Cream. Gottomighty. He ain't never lied. Okay, remember the CB was magically delicious - well put some sprinkles in it and some blue icing and you have Birthday Cake Ice Cream. I might go back and get a whole ice cream cake and eat all by myself.

Back to the serious part. Women have periods every month. They hate them too. Well after some eight months of amenorrhea, I'm happy.


dreamangel75 said...

Sounds like a wonderful treat! Woah! Eights months without a period! That's a long time. My cycles were very irregular and long (however, not as long as yours). Sometimes, going eight months without a period sounds nice! But as we know, it has long term consequences.

I am glad to hear the medication is working. I noticed my cycles are beginning to regulate a little more since I started Met XR in Feb (was diagnosed in Feb. 2007 with PCOS).

Carmen In NC said...

Yes it was a nice little break. But like you said, knowing that something isn't right and getting it right was more important. Plus I have a guy friend now and situations do happen so I need regularity in my life so I'll know when/if something out of the normal happens.

Creyole said...

Regulate? I can't wait to get rid of mine. Of course,being 40+ that thing gets so annoying and the PMSing is the worse.