Friday, April 13, 2007

Hair Shaving Reducing Lotion

From a previous post about laser hair removal and shaving you may remember me running around town for hair reducing lotion. After shampooing the filthy, matted down, fur laden carpet in my bedroom, I went out to get something to eat. I stopped at a furniture store - High Point is the furniture capitol of the world. Now, from my parents I have learned to pick out furniture. If you know nothing about wood you buy metal. That's what I did for my first bed. For the second bed and bedroom set I went straight to Amish Originals because they know wood because they make it by hand. It might be plain, but it's beautiful. This furniture joint had this one painted night stand that I really fell in like with, but it was marked down to $249. I walked around and walked out.

Kerr Drug - a brand new one. I hadn't noticed it had moved. I knew the one by Big Lots closed, but didn't know it was moving. For sure they'd have my shave reducing lotion. No they didn't.

Since I was just across the street from Big Lots I decided to go see what they had. I was looking for anything cheap that I needed - wanted. Well, don't you know that they had the same painted night stand that I was hawking in the furniture place and it was a whole $90 less - and it was actually made better. At a $159 I left it there because by the time I got two.... Interesting.

Then after deciding I didn't need a fancy coiling hose - I do need a hose. Out of habit I went to the hair product isle. Then I thought, "I wonder if they have my lotion." They did and plenty of it. I got five bottles at $4. I've used this brand before and it does work. Big Lots.
Some people act a fool when they get stuff - cameras, Sisterlocks, shave reducing lotion. I did have a picture of me with the lotion. Sometimes if I'm not careful I look a little like Jay-Z and I was having a one of those moments.


muslimahlocs said...

try waxing. it will rally reduce the hair growth over time.

Carmen In NC said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I forgot about waxing and threading. I tried Nads and bless those ladies for trying to help me. It worked like they said it would. I think I got discouraged from waxing because I was doing it myself. At the time I was too self conscious to let anyone else do it and the cost was a issue too. I will price it again because I'm no longer shy about who sees how much hair I have on my legs if they are going to take it off.

dreamangel75 said...

I purchased contemporay-styled furniture in the past from High Point, NC (while I was living in Virginia). It is certainly a furniture capital, with all kinds of wonderful furniture.

I have been pleased with my furniture purchased (purchased about five years ago). If I ever need to purchase similar furniture again, I will return to High Point! haha :-)

Carmen In NC said...

lol, Dreamangel75. I've gotten a iron bed and futon from High Point. I went back to VA to get the Amish for my bedroom furniture. When they delivered my stuff one of the guys said, "You couldn't find any furniture around here?"

Anonymous said...

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