Friday, March 16, 2007

New Me for My New Hair

Yesterday was the first day of the beginning of my new health adventure. It included making a grocery list with my co-worker who just happens to be an aerobics trainer and is studying to become and a yoga instructor. This list included a variety of lower my weight food. I felt good buying healthier food until it came out to $90. I saved $15 using my VIP card. I’ve heard before healthier food costs more, but this was crazy. Anyways, smaller size clothes cost less than plus size clothes.

I even walked with Ciara yesterday. Today, I packed my lunch of nuts, yogurt, soup, pear, fruit cups, water, and of course several packs of my beloved Crystal Light. This stuff has been around for years and it took a little bitty to-go packet to win me over. So far so good, wish me luck

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