Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Sister is Alive

I talked to my sister and she's alive and well. She's doing it up in GA. She recorded the hook for a song and sounds really nice. I could have sworn she was depressed. But after sitting on the phone listening to her laugh it up with two or three people, I believe she's doing just fine. Yep, my sister has her mojo back - if she ever lost it. After visiting her pink and girly myspace page she finally added me. The reason for me calling her tonight was to find out about her thyroid condition. Ma had already told me about the song and the thyroid. Sister said she was tired and her feet were swelling up and her doctor said her neck was large. My sister does menstruate unlike me. All in all, her advice was to I get mine checked too.

I already made an appointment after stopping by two family practices offices to get my iron checked, but that's not until next week. I actually made appointments with both. I have decided to go to the one closer to my home because they seemed friendlier and the nurse gave me a little run down on getting my blood checked. I would come for a physical and would have to fast so a morning appointment could be made after seeing the doctor. Plus they had really nice furniture, a nice open layout, plenty of staff, and stations of hand sanitizer and lotion.

What about Sisterlocks, right? Tomorrow I have the follow-up visit. I wonder what's going to happen. I'll soon find out. In the meantime, I'll search through a few blogs to see if anyone mentions their third session.

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