Monday, March 19, 2007

Bigger than Hair

Ok, out goes the SL blog and incomes the personal stuff. My friend - no, no nicknames - my menstrual cycle stopped. I wasn't that concerned until I met Route 66 and started having warm, fuzzy feelings for him which included me as a loving wife and MOTHER. In order to be a mother one must ovulate.

Two things and the first one is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. You have a whole bunch of body hair - which I'm doing laser hair surgery. Most ladies are overweight. See previous posts concerning my weight loss attempts. And another symptom is lack of menstruation or amenorrhea. I have this. BOO HISS. I was put on the pill and all was fine. Fast forward to right before Route 66 enters. I stopped taking the birth control pills in June. My last cycle was in August. Fine with me, I'm not doing anything. Now that I have a new friend and 30 is right around the corner, I feel myself getting a tad bit freaked out. I'm not crying or depressed about it, but I am concerned enough to take action because something is wrong here.

Second thing low iron, I'm a carrier of the sickle cell trait, and I actually have some funny shaped red blood cells. Red blood cells need iron to make hemoglobin to carry oxygen. That's why I get cranky at work - I'm tired. Sometimes anemic folks stop having periods in order to maintain what little iron is in the blood.

With this said - I have to eat to live. I was taking my multi-vitamin sometimes, but now I'm on it everyday. And research shows that if I lose 10% of my weight, maybe, just maybe my period will come back on. I have to get Ciara out and hit the pavement too.

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