Saturday, March 17, 2007

I Had a Dream

This morning I woke up, let Ciara out, starting cleaning a little, and during this time I remember the dream I had. Nevermind the fact that my townhouse was going to be torn down - but saved after I cried and charmed the construction/survey guy to spare the four home building of my townhouse after proving my house was not in the danger zone. Yet, I come home and my house - the whole group of homes - gone. My furniture was on the side of the road. I might not have much as far as decor pieces, but I do have some pretty nice power pieces that I'm truly proud of. I was devasted to be out of my house and my furniture stacked on the street like trash.

My parents and my homeless neighbors did manage to keep vigil over my furniture along with their furniture. They had come up with the idea of renting one great big moving truck and putting everyone's furniture on there. And my dad said, "I did have to buy one piece back - your VANITY." That's got to mean something. I have this vanity and it's - I love it. That's where I keep my underware, lingerie, jewelry, and smell good potions. Buy back your vanity. HMMM.

I moved into another townhouse community and my new neighbors had an impromtu party. I couldn't find anything to wear. Seriously, all my clothes were grey fleece pants - like the ones that I try to wear as often as I can. All my shirts were white v-neck tees - like the four I have along with three black ones, pink, red, and brown. So I went in that. The hosters of the party were dressed in fleece outfits, pajamas, jeans and tees. But the guests were decked out to the nine.

Then I went to a random hair salon and asked the stylist for a hair cut. She started to cut and had gone through four locks in the front. That's when it hit. I can't cut my hair, it will unravel. And sure enough I tugged on one look, and it began to slip. She grabbed her weave needle and thread and sewed my hair in some fashion so it wouldn't slip.

That was around the time I smelled Ciara's hands. I opened my eyes to find her not just on the bed, but her head was on the pillow that my head was on.

It was a just a dream right?

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