Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kitty Bella 30th Install Client

Well, we did discuss being a number, being the '30'.  When sitting for hours on end you learn a few things about each other and something will hit me and I'll think, "I have a name for you already". With Kitty Bella I was going to go with Soft Paws, Ms. Swan, Bella, or Kitty from a few movies we watched.  I actually coined myself Soft Paws because of my skills with my hands and low nails like Kitty 'Soft Paws' of Puss in Boots who has no nails at all. We also watched Twilight so I couldn't leave out Bella Swan.  Maybe with 31, I'll just focus on remembering the real name.

Kitty Bella took roughly 11 hours.  Hair has relaxed ends and was heat styled.


anthia-ofo said...

No 30? Go on celebrate. Treat yourself to something. It's looking good.

Carmennc said...

Hey Ofo! I'm going to celebrate after the 31st client tonight or this weekend!