Thursday, December 16, 2010

Selling on the Blog

With money being tight or just wanting to sell items quick, fast, and in a hurry is easy to do on your blog. Put a PayPal button on your site with a photo and you're set.

Set up a merchant account which takes 2-3 days. Pick out your button, set tracking, quantity, and other details. Get the code!

Come back to blogger with your code. Click Design way up there at the top. Click on Add a Gadget on your side bar or wherever you want it. Click on the + for HTML/Java Script. Add a title and paste the code into the Content area. Click Save.

If you use Wordpress, then let us know how you do it!


Peace and Sound said...

Hi Carmen, I use Wordpress and when I had a shop page up It was as simple as blogger.

I added a new page then added photos of each item with the paypal button html code under each photo. Then I clicked publish to make the page public. Clicking the pay pal button took you right to the cart and processed everything just as paypal does.

Carmennc said...

Hey Yasu,
Thank you for the tips on wordpress. I stopped by your site, I'm all late right. Look at you, the site is beautiful just like you!

sonya said...

This was sooooo sweet of you to share this information.

God Bless you.