Monday, December 6, 2010

Parting Secrets - 21st Client

Rushing and not checking again, the middle part is off center. I'll take the first two locs out on both sides of the part and try to straighten it up during the follow-up visit. Normally, I wouldn't show this part dead on if it isn't right and show it from a side angle.

Square parts on a roundish head just don't work all the times. Here there rows were getting too thick at the crown so I split them. When she feels through her hair there will be a noticeable difference from the larger loc to the smaller locs beside it. By the time the hair is bundled up for photos, this area cannot be seen.
As hard as I try to stay with the square parts, sometimes I end up doing rectangles because the sections are two big for squares. I haven't noticed that rectangles parts lead to crazy looking Sisterlocks, so if I have to do a rectangle, I do it.

10 hours with breaks in one day. This is the first time I've done a full install in one day! Go me!


3girlsmomma said...

Go YOU, indeed DO yo' blessed THANG, girl!

anthia-ofo said...

Well done! And I'm glad to see your're using common sense too LOL.

rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued) said...

Lots of experience and getting fast. Woo hoo!! I would love to an update picture of your locks.

Any suggestions on what to do when curls ends are bunchie? My locks are 3 years old now :)

Carmennc said...

3girlsmomma, thank you so much! I'm trying hard!

Anthia-ofo, common sense goes a long way! I have a little and getting more each day, lol. Thank you!

RMC, the bunching curly ques. What I do is go through my hair, hold the hair above the bunching area and pull the tip to try to pull the bunching apart. If it's really bad, I'll pick out the bunched area, slide all the stitches/locked part above that area down to the tip. This leaves the a lot of loose hair at the root that I then retighten. If it is a lock in the nape, I leave it alone. Bunching is apart of budding so any progress in locking in that area is a good thing for my hair.