Thursday, September 9, 2010

Connie, You'll Be Missed

I remember not long after taking the class with Connie me taking out my locs. I had this idea that I could do them myself. After nearly a month of working on the front, Connie asked me what I was going to do about the back. I was starting another full-time job in two days. I was going through a thing or two and told her I would just cut it off. A few moments later I had an over night bag ready and headed to her house.

Connie and I talked would talk for hours on the phone about anything and everything. She was proud of the Blackberry her son gave her, the piano lessons her grandson was taking, and her great-grand baby. She talked about the cruise she took with her family and her other travels. I wanted to move down there because it seemed like a her and the neighbors cooked out every weekend. And she cooked! And I ate! Those ribs! North Carolina is known for ribs and for New Yorker to do them better is a something else.

She loved Sisterlocks and was so hurt when she couldn't be at a class to meet Dr. Jo. Connie would take refresher classes for the fun of it. She went to Tennessee to studied under Blenna and so excited to work with JoVonka and even more to do her daugthers' hair.

Connie was so encouraging and so fun to be around. She loved the color purple and I was so tickled when she bought me a cobalt blue (my favorite) dish and suggested I used it. I did. I use it keep my hair clips in when doing Sisterlocks.

God, thank you for allowing her to be here for us and bless her family and friends until we meet again.