Friday, July 31, 2009

New Video - Update on My Sisterlocks

Sandra of Durham, NC re-installed my nape. You can visit her website at HTTP://THELOCSTAR.WEBS.COM


Katrina said...

Hey Ms. Carmen this is Trina your first client. It has been a while but just note that I still love you and miss you much. I still keep up with you as you might can tell. As for my hair it is doing great - thanks to you. You are looking great as usual and doing well. You are famous! Take care and God Bless!

3girlsmomma said...

Girl, take care of yourself! Do what you have to do to keep your sanity. Do too much and something somewhere will suffer. (This from one overachiever to another...)

**I did notice your brows, Carmen, in this vid. You look tight! (This time... lol)

Just messin' with you! Your personality is what really shines in your vids and Tweets.

aybee77 said...

Hope everything's going well for you. I'm proud of you, and am amazed at your creativity and your entrepreneurial spirit.

You're such a sweetie. I agree with 3girlsmomma. Your personality comes through in your videos. I just want to give you a hug after I watch one of your videos. Maybe that's because you have a southern accent, and I'm stuck here up north and miss the south pretty bad.

Carmennc said...

Katrina! HEY GIRL! If you ever need your hair done, please look up Sandra. Thank you for checking in on me too!

Kecia, thank you for stopping through. I'm taking everything in stride and day by day. I believe the Lord only puts on us what we can handle. Plus, He takes care of fools and babies, lol.

Aybee77, I'm about to call you by your real name. I think it's the crazy, yet sincere personality that people can identify with. It's hard for me to do the videos without laughing because of the set up I have. I stack the camera on books, boxes, and the last jinga piece was a soap box. It's just funny to talk with no one there. BIG HUG!

nicole is the new black said...

i am so glad to have viewed this. i was wondering how many women take the course and decide not to become consultants. its good you are in tune with yourself to decide its not for you. there are many women that would force themselves to make it fit in their lives just because of the financial commitment or pressure from others. we have the right to experiment and try on different hats. that is what life is all about. i was thinking of taking the course. i live in berlin and there are ZERO consultants in Germany. I could be potentially pretty busy, but how would I juggle my full time job, clients, writing, and the rest of my life. we shall see.

Pebbles said...

Nice to finally meet you... sorta and honored to carry your product. Afro Kinks Beauty Boutique.