Friday, January 16, 2009

My Hair & My Teeth

My hair is thin. In this photo my scalp is visible.
In this photo my hair looks super full.

My locks will be a year old at the end of February. I haven't taken pictures in a while. I plaited my hair and shampooed using Sisterlock starter shampoo. Once my hair was nearly dry, I smoothed a little Jamaican Mango & Lime Leave-in Moisturizer on the ends. I used this product when my hair was loose to make the spirals less frizzy. It still works like charm.

Today is the day that my wisdom teeth come out. I'm writing this as I wait for my chauffeur to come.

Stop by and tell me what you think. Be kind I did it myself, lol.

Update: I'm back from the procedure. My gums are a little sore, but nothing that bad.


N'Drea ~ the Storyteller said...

I think your site is a good first effort. Good going! I know it will continue to grow and evolve.

BTW, I'm gonna e-mail you soon to get your advice about something.

How are you feeling now?

Carmennc said...

Thank you N'drea. I believe the site will do for. My intention is to get a little help or some tips from somebody who knows how to build sites.

I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. I even had a client today. I was extra chatty because I had a mocha. I think I did good. She's my newest client. I did her hair in 4 hours after 5 weeks, a long time sorta. Today I did it in a little under 4 after 6 weeks. Both times I had to install a few at the nape. Her hair is similar to mine and those fine baby hairs grow long, but they just don't want to lock. She's thinking about taking the class in April. If she does I'll have somebody to swap services with. YEAH.

I drove and got my eyebrows done, not a good idea. I had to concentrate so bad and I'm sure I was going slow (the speed limit). Thanks for asking!

I'll be on the look out for the email.

Brown ButtahFly said...

Your locks are looking good and getting longer.

I think the site looks awesome! however I wasn't able to view the porducts that you have, maybe something is wrong with my computer.

Take Care

Carmennc said...

Brown ButtahFly,
My mother had the same problem, she said it was just a huge white space with Etsy...Tomoka's Twists links at the bottom. I put in a mini Etsy on the page. I just went and there was nothing but the words. I think when I was trying to do a little coding and should have left well enough alone. I hope that's what happened.

Thank you for catching that!

It's just a feed from the Etsy store.

Thank you for the lock compliment. I looked back to the beginning pictures and they have grown a bit.

Antonette said...

You're hair looks so good, and it is getting so long! :) Are you going to keep your ends open?

And WOW! After all four wisdom teeth were pulled you did all that this afternoon? Girl, you are something else! :)

Have a great weekend!

Carmennc said...

Hello Antonette,
Thank you for the compliment and I was a bit surprised that it's past my collar.

My ends are not closing on their own. I've done repairs and they open back up. I like my hair and not going to be too anal about it.

I had my wisdom teeth pulled Friday morn. I did my hair before I went and the website during the week.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Naturally Sophia said...

I like your site. Great job! I am happy you made it through your surgery safely. Your hair doesn't look thin least to me. I love the way Jamaican Mango and Lime smells.


Carmennc said...

Thank you for visiting the site, I'm working on it slowly but surely. My hair texture is so funny and fun. The best part is it appears to be much fuller than what it is, shrinkage and frizz are my friends. I've been using JM & L for years now and it does smell good.